M9 Limited


Beretta is pleased to offer the 30th Anniversary Limited Edition M9.

Only 2015 of these unique collector’s edition pistols will be produced. Each of these commemorative pistols is displayed in a walnut shadow box embossed with the vintage Beretta logo.


Featured inside the shadow box is the limited edition M9 30th anniversary edition challenge coin, minted specifically for these pistols.  The M9 30th anniversary limited edition pistol is silver inlayed to commemorate the 30 years of service the M9 has provided our military.  To Learn more please visit your Authorized Beretta Dealer.

Battle-Tested1About the M9

This legendary semiauto handgun has not only won the historic contract with the US military in 1985, but has achieved a triumphant contract renewal after more than two decades of hard use in the world’s toughest and most extreme conditions, from the scorching deserts of Iraq to the frigid heights of the Afghan mountains. A contract renewal after this kind of use and abuse means a product that has kept its promises--and then some. Simply put, there is no pistol today that is as durable, reliable, dependable, easy to use, safe and accurate as the Beretta M9, the handgun that has rightfully earned the nickname of “World Defender.”

Action Single/Double
Barrel length (mm) 125
Barrel length (in) 4.9
Caliber 9x19 (PARA)
Grip Width 1.3"
Magazine 15
Overall heigth (mm) 137
Overall heigth (in) 5.4
Overall length (mm) 216
Overall length (in) 8.5
Overall width (mm) 38
Overall width (in) 1.5
Sight radius (in) 6.1
Sight radius (mm) 155
Weight unloaded (g) 944
Weight unloaded (OZ) 33.3

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