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Seventy years after the first modern Beretta over-and-under (the model S1, launched in 1933), a new true sidelock shotgun is born.
The new SO10 over-and-under is the deserving successor of the famous Beretta SO series hunting and competition shotguns that have earned their reputation, on the Olympic podium and on the most exclusive hunts, from Europe to America to Africa, as the most functional, elegant and exclusive over-and-unders in the world.

An Exclusive Series

The receiver of the Beretta SO10 over-and-under, depicting exquisitely double ribbed top mouldings, blends elegantly with the classic tapered external profile of the Beretta barrels. It is machined from a solid block of special high-resistant tri-alloy steel.
The top mouldings have been gracefully slimmed to offer the best lateral vision during aiming. No part is welded or precision cast. The polishing of the surfaces is done entirely by hand.

The locking system of the Beretta SO10 over-and-under features a rear longitudinal bolt operating in a central position (between the two tubes), making the opening of the barrels smooth and noiseless, and minimizing stress when firing.
Two additional lugs, located in the lower part of the receiver, further increase the strength and the efficiency of the locking system.
As on the other Beretta SO models, the classic trapezoidal locking shoulders of the barrels work in contrast with the shoulders of the receiver.

The top lever, made from a solid block of steel, has been elongated and positioned closer to the breech face in order to make the opening of the barrels smoother.
The safety on the open top lever blocks the firing mechanism if the receiver is not completely closed. An automatic safety, that engages when opening the top lever, is available on request.

The hinge pins can be replaced after intensive use.

The side locks are designed for years of constant use and flawless performance.
Safe and reliable, they boast a crisp trigger pull and fast lock times.

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