Semiauto Competition Shotguns


Here’s a look at the best Beretta SEMIAUTOMATIC shotguns!

Nothing causes fatigue more than recoil, especially over a demanding clay target season that for some shooters includes more than  20,000 rounds fi red. It is critical at all levels of competition to minimize the amount of felt recoil to decrease fatigue and reduce distraction when focusing on the next target. Nobody does this better than Beretta. Beretta’s self-regulating gas-peration system uses only the gas it needs to cycle the action.

A recoil-operated system uses the energy created during the fi ring process, transferring more energy to the shooter, which translates into more recoil.
The self-regulating system in Beretta semiautomatic shotguns allows any excess gas to bleedoff through the gas-release valve, ensuring that only the minimal amount of gas needed cycles the action. This results in signifi cantly reduced recoil, allowing the shooter to concentrate on the task at hand: breaking the target.

It’s this combination of reliability, versatility and reduced recoil that makes Beretta semiautomatics the choice of champions all over the world.


Whatever your need in semiautomatic competition shotguns is, there is a Beretta Shotguns covering this perfectly!