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Beretta excellence and quality

The self defence product range includes precision pistols and tactical accessories, designed for maximum reliability and safety. Each Beretta pistol is made from the highest quality materials and incorporates the most advanced technology, offering excellent performance. When you hold a Beretta pistol, you feel the weight of tradition and modern innovation combined in an unrivalled personal defence tool. Every detail, from the ergonomic grips to the advanced aiming systems, is designed to enhance your shooting experience.

APX A1 Full Size

Improves the ergonomics of the Beretta APX series pistols with a higher undercat trigger guard, an enhanced beaver tail, and modular backstraps. The 9mm 17- magazine, compatible with 9x21 and 9x19, features a polished black finish. The APX A1 grip kit includes grip with magazine release and three interchangeable backstraps. The extended magazine release button and bolt locking system improve grip and functionality. The magwell and aluminium pads kit, with "Three Arrows" logo, is ideal for demanding shooters, increasing magazine capacity and improving ergonomics. Compatible with all Beretta APX Full Size pistols.


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