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Owning a Beretta rifle rewards you twice. Firstly, you are assured of having purchased a product of excellence that is the result of 500 years of history; secondly, Beretta wants to thank you for your loyalty by returning 150 euros (including VAT) from the value of your purchase.

The promotion is valid on these firearms:

  • A300 e A400 semiauto hunting shotguns

  • Beretta 686, 687 Silver Pigeon and Ultraleggero over-and-under hunting, trap and sporting shotguns


  1. Go to a participating gun store and, once purchased your firearm from those listed, request the voucher with the reserved cashback code.

  2. Fill out the form and enter the code in the appropriate space.

  3. 150 euros (VAT included) will be refunded directly to your bank account.