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All the sturdiness and reliability of a steel receiver, but with an extremely low weight: the most modern engineering techniques have made it possible to skeletonize this element, reducing it to only the structural elements that are fundamental for robustness, safety and performance. The Extralight® recoil pad is 30% lighter than a standard one, but is much more resistant to abrasion, ageing and atmospheric agents. The increase in the stock cavity, the removal of the side ribs on the Steelium Optimabore HP barrels, the trigger guard and the aluminum forend iron system contribute to the record reduction of 404 grams compared to a standard shotgun.


Field tests and research have been done to ensure reliability and resistance to repeated explosions with any type of cartridge, even the magnum ones. The 76mm chamber of Beretta Ultraleggero can hold lead, steel and HP steel ammunition up to 56 grams.


The trapezoid shoulders and dual conical locking lugs of the Ultraleggero over and under shotgun characterize the proven locking system derived from the 690. The sides and the bottom of the receiver have been carved without compromising its robustness and are enriched with special inserts in technopolymer, whose design refers to a floral engraving that disappears and reappears turning the rifle towards the light. This aesthetic detail, combined with the matte black burnishing of the action frame and glossy black pins, make this firearm unique.


Ultraleggero Models

Available through the Beretta Galleries and select Beretta Dealers.