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"Hunting has been a part of us for many many centuries, and there is a need for people like us out there who can create and maintain the balance"

Hunting is not only a passion but also a fundamental asset for the planet, protecting its biodiversity and maintaining its natural balance. The hunting activity also increases the well-being of those who practice it: organic food, contact with nature and mental focus are just some of the benefits. The #BerettaTribe Stories is a video project that shows hunters' life and commitment to act concretely for sustainable hunting growth.

Follow us on a journey around the world to learn about these hunters and their stories.

Sandrine and Stéphane, founders of the LeWild food truck in Besançon, offer 100% wild meat burgers. Their business departs from traditional fast food, using sustainably hunted French wild meat, avoiding intensive farming, GMOs and the exploitation of nature. Their story promotes sustainable hunting and its core values, creating an innovative narrative.

Vincent is a Belgian native hunter who went to Romania in 2008 to start a reforestation project, followed by a successful venture in organic farming and biological agriculture. All the positive consequences of these activities, balanced by a highly regulated approach towards hunting and game management delivered a more sustainable balance between human activity and nature

Eghardt is a South African reserve manager involved in projects designed to save pangolins, most trafficked Africa's mammal. His words will underline his story and the effort to contrast the illegal trade of this animals.

Madeleine Pettersson, a Stockholm-based hunter and digital content creator, is the protagonist of the eighth episode of the #BerettaTribe Stories. In her story, she explains how gender should not be a limit to personal passions in the hunting world. She hopes her story will inspire other women to challenge prejudices and gender stereotypes. Madeleine emphasises the importance of educating about the origins of the food that reaches our daily tables and encourages the education of the younger generation. Through hunting, she had the opportunity to connect with people from different nations, emphasising the importance of education on the responsible use of shotguns to ensure competence and safety in potentially dangerous activities.

Dave, protagonist of the 7th #BerettaTribe Stories episode, is South African born and has been a professional hunter for many years, developing his experience through Zambia, Camerun, Botswana, US and South Africa. Being passionate hunter from a very early age, he developed a wide experience in animal husbandry with feedlotting cattle, in large game ranches development and in wildlife management. Being a dedicated conservationist, he takes time from his daily job to support the protection and conservation of black and white rhinos. which are among the most threathened creatures in Africa and worldwide by poachers and illegal trade of their horns.

Alvise and Francesco Foscari are the main characters of the 6th episode of the #BerettaTribe Stories. For generations their family has been taking care of a wide woodland area in the region of Paternion, Carinthia (Austria), where hunting has always played a crucial role.

Their careful approach toward a balanced management takes in consideration the need to preserve an harmony between the man’s need to take from nature and the need to maintain a healthy environment.

Enrico Zaina, 53 years old, from Brescia, Italy.

An ex-professional cyclist, he competed in 11 Tour of Italy, 5 Tour of France and 5 Tour of Spain. Passionate about hunting since he was a child, he developed a strong passion for English Setters and walked up the hunt, practising it with the same sporty approach and love for the outdoors he had as a professional athlete. He works today for Montefeltro tour operator, organizing hunting trips all over the world.

Huberta, 29 years old, Halder jewel maker from Vienna, Austria. She is an icon in the world of female hunting and more generally to all women, whose determination, strength and patience constantly represent an immense source of inspiration. Her mother passed on to her a passion for hunting, which she carries on with strong determination, aware of the difficulty of being woman and hunter.

Olivier is a Belgian hunter based in Switzerland who lives his hunting passion as a family matter to be shared with Henry and Maximilian, his two sons. For Olivier, hunting means connecting with nature and enjoying the emotions it conveys. Another important aspect is taking care of the land and the wildlife that inhabits it, in every season: a great opportunity to create unforgettable memories and strengthen his relationship with his two sons.

Leopold loves hunting in the Scottish Highlands, where to fully immerse himself in nature. His passion for hunting and nature has been handed down to him from his parents, and today he organizes hunting trips to Scotland, where he enjoys conducting ethical hunting based on firm principles and values. Leopold acknowledges the role of the hunter as an environmental supporter, thus responsible for the fragile balance of nature: he respects his prey, recognizes their intelligence, and takes concrete action to protect endangered species.

Anthony is a young Belgian hunter who moved to the United Kingdom to cultivate his hunting passion and become a game warden, a profession he holds permanently in Scotland. Being a game warden requires a long period of training and study, as well as experience in the field of biology and management of the territory with its wildlife. Game wardens have the key role of monitoring and surveilling the land to acquire information about its conditions and the habits of the animals, taking care of their prosperity and health.


Hunting is much more than chasing prey. Hunting is connection with nature, it is symbiosis with the dog, it is culture, it is ritual, it is sharing, it is storytelling, it is thrill, it is an explosion of senses.