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The Beretta 687 EELL stock features a specially-selected walnut wood with fine checkering and is embellished with classic game scenes and intricately detailed motifs that extend to the bottom of the receiver, trigger guard and forend iron lever. All these details give the shotgun an exclusive elegance.


The stock allows for some customization options. A custom-made stock can be fitted, indeed, with a traditional English-style stock or an elegant Prince of Wales grip. An oval brass shield, inlaid on the stock, will allow you to personalize your gun with initials or a family crest. Also, the oil finishing of the 687 EELL Shotgun stock is customizable.


The original locking system of Beretta over and under has resulted in a streamlined and sturdy receiver that makes it the most elegant, balanced, easy-to-aim, and quick-to-swing shotgun. The patented trigger group ensures crisp pulls and a high speed. Furthermore, great performances are guaranteed by Beretta's famous Steelium barrels and Beretta Mobilchoke® chokes available for all gauges, even the smallest.


687 EELL Models

Available through the Beretta Galleries and select Beretta Dealers.

687 EELL Classic

687 EELL Diamond Pigeon Sporting

687 EELL Diamond Pigeon