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Beretta develops its shotguns for all shooting disciplines alongside international champions to help shooters around the world break that extra clay.

Thanks to the superior ballistics of Steelium barrels with extended forcing cones, ergonomic design and extraordinary balance, Beretta shotguns stand by the side of shooters who want to achieve their winning edge.

From the Silver Pigeon range adapted for shooting to the 694 designed precisely for Sporting, from the awarded DT11 to the powerful A400 Xcel semiautomatic, Beretta's shotguns for shooting are a combination of advanced technology and centuries of experience.

DT11 Models

Available through the Beretta Galleries and select Beretta Dealers.


DT11 L Floreale

DT11 Black EELL

DT11 10° Anniversary

DT11 L Scene Caccia

DT11 Black Pro

DT11 Black Edition


DT11 Black DLC