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The lines of the Px4 Storm are designed to enhance its power, handling, performance and reliability, always in the name of an original and refined aesthetic. The rounded surfaces and the snag-free design facilitate unholstering and reholstering.


The extensive use of glass-fiber-reinforced technopolymer has resulted in a light, modern and ergonomic gun. The technopolymer also offers total resistance to corrosion and guarantees color conservation over time. The rotary barrel system of PX4 pistols, encased in an ultra-tough slide machined out of solid bar stock, provides maximum accuracy and brings strength and longevity to the highest levels even with the most powerful calibers.


The backstraps, the safety lever, the magazine release, the firing pin block and the trigger system are all reversible and interchangeable gun parts. These features place the PX4 Storm among the most suitable pistols for personal defense and among the ideal firearms for law enforcement professionals. In front of the trigger guard there is a Picatinny rail integral to the frame, allowing the easy mounting of laser devices, light systems or other types of accessories on the Beretta PX4.


PX4 Models

Available through the Beretta Galleries and select Beretta Dealers.

PX4 Storm Inox

PX4 Storm

PX4 Storm Special Duty