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Beretta unveils NARP

From Beretta's century-long experience, an advanced platform designed to meet the needs of the modern Military and Law Enforcement forces.

Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta, a leading provider of military equipment, today announced at DSEI exhibition in London the launch of its New Assault Rifle Platform (NARP). 

Entirely designed, developed and manufactured in Italy, NARP has been designed to increase and enhance five operational key capabilities: lethalityreliabilityergonomicsmodularity and signature reduction.

From the evolution of Beretta's military DNA, new product’s design has been inspired by functional genetics, to be a natural extension of users and offer a unique set of features to back and support Military and Law Enforcement forces who operate in complex, high threat environments.


We are excited to launch our New Assault Rifle Platform and offer our military customers a product that is specifically designed for their needs,” said Carlo Ferlito, CEO and GM at Beretta Italy and VP of Beretta Defense Technologies (BDT).

 “Thanks to close interaction with elite forces, we designed a weapon with unparalleled performance, that marks an important step forward in the evolution not only of Beretta's Defense department, but in the entire defense industry. This product is a valuable tool that can help our customers stay safe and mission-ready”, Mr. Ferlito explains.


NARP is a unique and modern platform, with ergonomics close to AR platforms but embodying battle proven action designed by Beretta, which pushes the boundaries of products performance. Thanks to its reduced weight of 3.3 kg (including empty magazine) and a total length under 90 cm, NARP fits any operator offering fully ambidextrous controls, a set of telescopic, foldable and collapsible stocks, and proprietary grips and buttstocks enabling efficient handling and quick and convenient transitions under all circumstances.

Modularity and versatility make NARP a weapon that can adapt to any action scenario, including the most challenging environments: chassis made of cutting-edge materials and dust cover ensure its excellent performance even in very cold or very hot temperatures and in muddy and dusty scenarios. Through complete control, NARP offers pinpoint accuracy at any distance, ensuring the certainty of hitting the target and completing the mission successfully.

Presented at DSEI in three variants in 5,56 NATO caliber, NARP will be the first step of a completely new portfolio of battle weapons, this including a new assault rifle fitted with a muzzle flash reducer system and an improved thermal signature reduction. Integrated with new Beretta made B-Silent sound suppressor, produced using additive manufacturing technology, the new rifle dramatically reduces soldiers’ signature thus increasing their survivability on the battlefield, masking soldiers from detection from sight and hearing. 


With the NARP program we invested energy and resources in the development of a new assault rifle platform that would enhance soldier capabilities, as required by international protocols and meet their needs for reliability, accuracy and modularity. Project’s tagline ‘Everlasting Legacy, unmatched performance’ perfectly describes concepts and effort behind this product. This is another example of how we are committed to investing in the most advanced equipment to back our troops on the battlefield,” declared Mr. Franco Gussalli Beretta, President and CEO of Fabbrica d’Armi and Executive Vice President of Beretta Holding. 

I’m enormously proud of what we have achieved: NARP has been a wonderful example of close collaboration with the end user community and strong engagement by industry to deliver game-changing capabilities” Mr. Beretta concluded.