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686 Silver Pigeon I

The Beretta Silver Pigeon over-and-under shotguns are a perfect blend of beauty and performance: the meticulous detail of their appearance mirrored by their flawless performance in the field.
It is a is compact and low-profile while being extremely strong shotgun, loved by hunters all around the world.

An Exclusive Series

Manufactured in 28 gauge with a specific, proportioned receiver and in 410 gauge, as well as the classic 12 and 20 gauge: when you take a Beretta Silver Pigeon into the field you equip yourself with the first name in consistent over-and-under performance – the preferred hunting companion of millions.

Key Features:

  • Optimabore® HP barrels

  • Optimachoke® HP choketubes

  • 6x6 Top rib

  • Microcore® recoil pad

  • B-Fast® Stock

  • Oil finishing

The Optimabore HP barrels have a double cone, which ensures less recoil and recoil, and consistently dense and uniform patterns for the best accuracy ever. Combining this technology with Optimachoke HP chokes creates a perfect combination, allowing every shooter to hit the target every time.

The Microcore recoil pad is soft, light and adaptable, made of ""open cell"" polyurethane and combines lightness and performance like no other. It ensures comfort and stability in the sling, with excellent recoil absorption. After firing, it gradually and instantly expands, increasing its surface area on the shoulder and giving the shotgun a secure and precise support.

The B-Fast weight-balancing system allows each shooter to adjust the rifle to his or her needs thanks to a system of magnetic weights inserted into the stock itself, the rib and the barrel.

686 Silver Pigeon I

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