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694 is the over-and-under platform specifically designed for shooting, with a very specific aim: to help the shooter hit that extra target.

Thanks to accurate mechanical and ergonomic design work, the 694 is a perfectly balanced over-and-under that sling and rises to the shoulder naturally and immediately, with a precise swing and easy control.

An Exclusive Series

Key Features:

  • MicroCore® Recoil pad

  • New pistol grip Stock design and better ergonomics

  • Lowered opening lever with anti-reflection finish

  • Adjustable trigger

  • Steelium® Plus barrels

  • Optimachoke® HP choketubes

The new steel cross system offers a better feel when opening the shotgun thanks to the revised geometry and the new tenon, equipped with a plug that can be replaced at a Beretta Certified Dealer to maintain its load preference over time.

The trigger group has a three-position adjustable trigger and fixed battery served by two sturdy coil springs mounted on spring guides. The firing selector, present only in the sporting version, is located inside the safety lever, which has been revised with new checkering and ergonomic shapes.

The B-Fast stocks can also accommodate a set of 20 and 40 gram weights, which can also be purchased separately.

The upper rib is ventilated with a 10x10 profile for the trap version and 10x8 for the sporting version and has white sights. The side ribs are windowed in both versions.


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Barrel Lenght:


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