Over and Under Competition Shotguns Woman

- Vittoria Series -

Determination is core, but only refinement leads you to the top
Strenght is necessary, but it's the Beauty of the gesture that strucks
Concentration is essential, but only intuition makes your dreams come true

Grundvoraussetzung für ein intuitives Treffen ist ein perfekt passender Schaft. Aus diesem Grund hat Beretta fuer jeden Schuetzen die richtige Flinte.

The new Vittoria series is the first Beretta’s shotgun range specifically designed for women.

Developed with our champion lady-shooters for all the women who want to shoot like a star. Based on the 690 platform, Vittoria shotguns feature a dedicated ergonomics to ensure a smooth, comfortable and precise handling. Vittoria shotguns perfectly fit smaller frames while offering full-size performance.




691 Sporting Vittoria

693 Sporting Vittoria


691 Vittoria

693 Vittoria