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Conditions and Limitations

Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. guarantees that the purchased product is free of manufacturing defects.

The warranty can be activated only and exclusively after registering online at link and covers an additional year compared to the legal warranty.


This warranty is valid only for gun’s defects that emerge within the period of validity of the warranty, the warranty is valid also in favor of owners subsequent to the first, provided that they have duly registered it. For owners subsequent to the first, the date that will be valid for the expiry of the warranty will be that shown on the proof of purchase of the first purchaser, in the event that the latter has duly registered the weapon. If this condition does not occur, the valid date will be the one reported on the proof of purchase uploaded during the last registration phase.


The Manufacturer and / or his local Distributor undertake to correct any defects in the weapon by repairing or replacing the product. The appropriate solution will be determined taking into account the value of the product without defect, the extent of the defect and the discomfort that each remedy could cause to the purchaser.



This warranty does not apply to:


a. Normal wear resulting from the use of the product, including metal, wood, polymer, rubber, carbon parts and surface finishes in general;

b. Defects caused by unsuitable storage of the product;

c. Defects or damage caused by improper use or poor maintenance;

d. Damage caused by failure to follow the instructions contained in the user manual;

e. Damages caused by repairs and / or alteration of the products by parties not authorized by the manufacturer;

f. The product has been repaired with non-original spare parts;

g. The serial number of the product has been removed, deleted, altered or made illegible.


It is also remembered that it is the Buyer's responsibility to verify before concluding the purchase that the product corresponds to the desired and is free from any defects or damage.

The Manufacturer does not guarantee any defects or damage that should be evident at the time of purchase.


The manufacturer and / or its official distributors do not assume any responsibility for the malfunctioning of the product and for physical injury or damage to property caused by criminal or negligent use of the product, improper or careless handling, unauthorized modifications, use of defective, improper ammunition, loaded by hand, recharged or reconstructed, by abuse or carelessness in the use of the product or by other factors not subject to direct and immediate control of the Manufacturer.


Note: The legislation of the country where the product was purchased may include special conditions that differ from the above. This warranty will not be able to exclude or limit such provisions of law.