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The Ultraleggero begins a whole new chapter in the history of lightweight over-and-under shotguns, making possible what had never been achieved until now: offering all the solidity and reliability of a steel receiver with an extremely reduced weight, which until yesterday was only achieved with aluminum shotguns.

An Exclusive Series

Key Features:

  • Extralight® Recoil Pad

  • Selected grade 2.5 walnut woods, with lightening drains inside the stock

  • Excavated steel receiver on the sides and chest

  • Technopolymer inserts with innovative floral pattern with angled surfaces to optimize light reflection

  • Aluminum trigger guard

  • 76mm (3"") chamber

  • New cross system based on the 694 in aluminum

  • OBHP barrels without side ribs

  • Weight: 2.8 kg with 61 cm barrel

The receiver of the classic Beretta over-and-under is universally recognized for its streamlined and elegant shape: it features the proven locking system with the iconic trapezoidal shoulder pads and double conical plug; sides and chest have been carved out, retaining only the amount of steel actually needed to ensure Beretta's all-time reliability and durability.

For the carved parts, special technopolymer inserts were made using modern technology to simulate the visual effect of light reflection typical of steel engravings.

The insertion of aluminum components, including the trigger guard and cross system, emphasizes the rifle's "light weight" thanks to an overall savings in average weight, compared to the classic 690 series, of 404 grams.
The stock and forend are made from selected class 2.5 walnut woods with an oil finish that allows for easy restoration from scratches or damage under particularly extreme use.

The Extralight®, 30 percent lighter, abrasion-resistant recoil pad allows for further weight reduction while still offering comfort and stability when slinging with excellent recoil absorption.
Ultraleggero uses Steelium Optima Bore HP barrels made of triple-alloyed steel, featuring deep drilling, cold hammering and vacuum distension; the special geometry, with double 80mm filler cone is designed to offer excellent performance and perfect, uniform rosettes with any type of ammunition.


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