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Speed, precision and safety

Explore the excellence of range shooting with Beretta, where performance and safety combine to offer an unrivalled experience. Whether you're grappling with a rainy day or engaged in a dynamic shooting session on dusty terrain, our guns ensure maximum reliability, allowing you to concentrate solely on your training. With Beretta, your shooting session becomes an opportunity to express limitless speed and precision.

1301 tactical

1301 Tactical

The Beretta 1301 Tactical is a versatile semi-automatic shotgun ideal for a wide range of uses, from personal defence to range shooting. Equipped with a large loading door, an oversized slide release button and a reversible safety, it offers reliable performance in any situation. Optimise your capabilities with accessories such as the black threaded extended reservoir tube for increased capacity, the ergonomic stock with Urbino di Mesa pistol grip and the adjustable sight.



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1301 Tactical




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92 FS

92G Tactical