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The sustainability of employee human capital in relation to their overall wellbeing is at the center of every action taken by Beretta: it is a precise commitment to implement the growth of the quality of life of those who work in the Company, but also of those who live in the area where Beretta is based. This is why the BWe project has been active for years: We meaning Us. We for Welfare. A set of over 50 projects aimed at the entire population of Beretta employees and their well-being are gathered in a single strategic vision called BWe, symbolically represented by a hand whose five fingers describe the areas it covers: health, career growth and development, safety, environment and leisure.

As for individual health, the culture of prevention is of primary importance. One initiative of excellence in this area is cardiovascular disease prevention, which is divided into: the Cuore al lavoro (Heart at Work) project, for employees aged between 40 and 54, and Cardiovascular screening for the company population over 55. The company is currently investing in young resources between the ages of 21 and 39. Moreover, Beretta offers a screening programme consisting of a set of blood chemistry tests and diagnostic examinations carried out at Poliambulanza Hospital located in Brescia. Following the screening, a final report is sent to the Beretta company physician for each employee, in compliance with the law on the confidentiality of worker health data, attaching a copy of the clinical reports of the examinations, which is also delivered to the individual employees.

At the company, the employees responsible for test firing are subjected to continuous and repeated musculoskeletal stresses; to minimize the consequences, we have set up special mini-gyms for warming up and cooling down. At Beretta, we are also very attentive to the ergonomics of the work environment. In 2010, we introduced an analysis of all the production workstations using EAWS and OCRA methods, substantially reducing the risks deriving from repetitive activities and incorrect postures.

The second area of the BWe project involves company training and personal development programmes, Master’s and specialization courses, covering the entire company population and all age groups. Despite the fact that Beretta owes its existence to an “ancient” product such as guns, it focuses carefully on technological and digital innovation. One initiative of excellence in this area is the Beretta Digital Olympics, established in 2017 and repeated every two years. This project was conceived to raise awareness among the company population on the profound impact of digital on all roles and all working tools. BDigital is instead the portal dedicated to Beretta’s digital initiatives. A platform through which all employees can find out about what is happening at the company and see Beretta’s posts on social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter): open positions, value analysis, digital transformation, and company welfare initiatives. In the area in which it operates, Beretta also organizes extracurricular courses for students and young people seeking employment and allows for school-work alternation and summer work programs. It is important for us to create a good working environment: it allows us to be attractive to new generations of talent.

One initiative of excellence in this area is the prevention of work-related stress. In 2001, we launched a project for the Preliminary Assessment of work-related stress, which requires certain employees considered to be particularly at risk due to the job they perform to undergo examination by the occupational psychologist (security guards and employees responsible for test firing, as well as the employees assessed as subjectively at risk by the company physician due to previous personal problems). The project also includes an adequate training and information campaign for managers and supervisors on the perception of stress signals, and on the guide to stress self-assessment.

Remaining in the area of health, the company has raised awareness among the entire workforce of the importance of a healthy and proper diet. Nutrition education which was delivered in the company canteen through information panels, totems and infographics. Information is provided on each food, including calories and nutritional content. All employees, although free to choose the meal they prefer, are made fully ware of their choices thanks to the five colours of the food pyramid.

The BPlanet project absorbed most of the initiatives of BWe environment project . Therefore, we have only considered in this section the initiatives that, although with the end goal of protecting the environment, are linked to the behaviour of people, such as sorted waste in the offices, charging stations for electric cars or initiatives to improve liveability within our facilities. These initiatives include in particular the creation of green
spaces within the company. In 2011, we totally redeveloped our factory, with particular focus on the workplace and introducing natural green spaces in the factory to transcend the traditional idea of “dirty and noisy workshop” and become “a nice place to work”. Plants, fed by ultraviolet light, absorbs pollutants and releases oxygen: if a plant lives and thrives in the factory, it means that the climate is also suitable for people.

There also several initiatives aimed at balancing private life with work commitments,
the spirit of belonging to the Company and philanthropic initiatives. Beretta has always stimulated and supported associations created by employees for recreational purposes. In this context, we have an efficient company CRAL (Workers’ Support and Recreation Club) that promotes multiple initiatives in favour of employees and their families, such as agreements with public establishments in the area, cultural initiatives and tourist holidays.