Paclite Look #4

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Beretta Paclite® Plus Jacket

GORE-TEX® Paclite Shell jacket is light and thin, but it is packed with performance. The new fabric has a soft, brushed feel that makes the garment absolutely silent, making it ideal for hunters and birdwatchers.

Paclite® Plus

For colder climates, wear it over the BIS - Beretta Interactive System jacket or vest Paclite Plus Paclite® Plus is a range of products that combine all the benefits of the GORE-TEX fabric with the Paclite® technology and with innovative design and functionality.

The GORE-TEX® products with Paclite® technology are light and breathable, giving protection against wind and rain while keeping weight and bulk to a minimum.

This line, made with Paclite® technology uses a laminate construction in which the GORE-TEX® membrane is bonded to a lightweight outer fabric.

Furthermore, the protective layer of the GORE-TEX® membrane negates the need for lining. Lastly, the fabric used in the Paclite® Plus family is silent and offers a soft feel to the touch.