Waxed Nylon

Waxed Nylon




Vintage Waxed Cotton

The Beretta brand is a lifestyle, a taste, and a standard for selecting products and places. And the research on which every collection is based, blazes its own trail by choosing only the best traditions, materials and craftsmanship in the world. Waxed cotton is one of the top ‘technical‘ fabrics ever invented to perform a specific function. It was first produced in Scotland at the end of the eighteenth century to make tea clippers’ sails more waterproof and therefore more efficient.

Thanks to its incredible strength it then began to be used for sailors’ capes. Soon, waxed cotton became the standard for English Army uniforms, and gradually it spread to the outdoor wear used by hunters, farmers and bikers. Although the new technical fabrics that appeared in the 1960s replaced many of its uses, waxed cotton continues to be a staple item in the wardrobes of all outdoor enthusiasts and is still loved for the unique appearance it acquires over time. Beretta began with a careful exploration of the waxed cotton tradition and then developed its own version, specifically for Beretta-wear aficionados.

The Beretta Wax treatment is unique because it takes the best original English fabrics and then treats them with a series of Italian craft processes derived from the age-old know-how of sailors and carried out via a precise sequence of manual operations that alternate washing, sanding and waxing. The result is an extremely comfortable garment that does not feel oily, needs no special treatment and is completely odourless.

Thanks to Beretta’s research, every Wax-treated garment has its own story containing memories of experiences, traditions and research that are ready to be enjoyed by the wearer. So every garment becomes a map, the ongoing chart of an experience that traces the paths of a long-standing tradition combined with the personal tracks and experiences of its owner.