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Awesome little pistol

Love my little covert pistol. The feel with the wooden grips fit perfectly in my small, plus they make the bobcat look classy. The cherry on top is using my switchback suppressor with this pistol makes an awesome combination, being that I can shorten the suppressor for a small package, even if the short configuration is not so quiet. From previous reviews I've read all over I was hesitant at first from purchasing due to me not being used to the mag release location, no extractor, slide not locking open after last round, and the thought of needing good quality ammo to make the pistol run properly, but I bought it anyway. No regrets I already like the mag release location, I use bulk ammo and I have yet to come across any issues my bobcat has ran through some cheap stuff only thing they won't cycle of course would be the CCI quiets (non semi-auto). Get yourself one it's a fun gun it may be expensive but for me it was worth it.

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