687 EELL Classic


687 EELL Classic: Premium Looks and Performance

The 687 EELL Classic is the top of the line of Beretta’s 680-series over-under shotguns. It features sideplates that act as extra canvas for the lavish hand-chased engraving, as well as a specially-selected walnut stock that gives it a true heirloom quality. But while it certainly figures well while on display, the Classic’s worth as a game gun is equally striking. Weighing about 7 lbs (12-ga version), and with the point of balance right at the hinge-pin, it is a shotgun that comes up naturally to the shoulder while still having enough of a lively feeling forward of the supporting hand. This is an over-under with the feel and allure of a classic, for the discriminating hunter who appreciates all the finer points of a perfectly-made gun.

Premium Hand-Chased Engraving, Stock

The full sideplates of the 687 EELL feature a super-fine classic game scene, and are enhanced by intricately detailed motifs of branches, leaves and flowers which extend to the trigger plate, trigger guard and fore-end iron lever. The proportions of the engraving blend wonderfully with the dimensions of the shotgun, giving you the sense of a work of art within a work of art. The stock is a classic semi-beavertail, with premium-quality European walnut and a newly designed fine-line checkering. An oval brass shield, inlaid on the stock, will allow you to personalize your gun with initials or a family crest, while the handsome and durable carrying case will protect the shotgun for generations to come.

A Classic Choice for Hunting

This shotgun will shine in any hunting situation. This is because it is built on a receiver that is equally strong and low-profile. The 687 action has two conical locking lugs at mid-height, meaning that it will always lock up strongly and positively while not requiring the extra bulk and weight for a top locking lever. This further means that when you bring it up to the shoulder, the vertical distance between your eye and your supporting hand is minimized: this shotgun will follow your sight easily and instinctively. And in spite of its beauty, the 687 action is noted for its strength, so this is a shotgun that you can confidently pass down to the next generation of hunters.

Available in Three Action Sizes, with Scaled-Down 28-ga, .410 Receivers

The 12- or 20-gauge 687 has impressed countless hunters for its efficient dimensions and fast handling. But if you see and bring to your shoulder a 687 EELL Classic in 28 gauge or .410, you will marvel at the premium feel of the petite actions. These are scaled down to fit the smaller gauges without any extra weight or bulkiness, giving these shotguns the trim elegance of custom-made pieces.

Model Code Model MSRP Barrel Length Gauge
JPC2S38 FIELD COMBO (GAME) USD 10450.00 28" 20/28
JPC2S58 FIELD COMBO (GAME) USD 10450.00 28" 28/410
JPC2P58 FIELD COMBO (GAME) USD 10450.00 28" 28/410
JPC1S10 FIELD (GAME) USD 8750.00 30" 12
JPC1P10 FIELD (GAME) USD 8750.00 30" 12
JPC1S18 FIELD (GAME) USD 8750.00 28" 12
JPC1P18 FIELD (GAME) USD 8750.00 28" 12
JPC1S20 FIELD (GAME) USD 8750.00 30" 20
JPC1F20 FIELD (GAME) USD 8750.00 30" 20
JPC1P20 FIELD (GAME) USD 8750.00 30" 20
JPC1S28 FIELD (GAME) USD 8750.00 28" 20
JPC1F28 FIELD (GAME) USD 8750.00 28" 20
JPC1P28 FIELD (GAME) USD 8750.00 28" 20
JPC1S48 FIELD (GAME) USD 8750.00 28" 28
JPC1P48 FIELD (GAME) USD 8750.00 28" 28
JPC1S68 FIELD (GAME) USD 8750.00 28" 410
JPC1P68 FIELD (GAME) USD 8750.00 28" 410
Barrel length (cm) 67/71/7667/71/76
Barrel length (in) 26/28/3026/28/30
Chamber (mm) 7676
Chamber (in) 3"3"
Choke MCMC
Gauge 1220
Lylium YY
Rib 6x66x6
Barrel length (cm) 67/71/7671/7667/71/7671
Barrel length (in) 26/28/3028/3026/28/3028
Chamber (mm) 70,767070, 7676
Chamber (in) 2" 3/4, 3"2" 3/42" 3/4, 3"3"
Choke ****/*******/***
Gauge 122820.410
Lylium YYYY
Rib 6x66x66x66x6
Barrel length (cm) 7171
Barrel length (in) 2828
Gauge COMBO 28/.410COMBO 20/28
Lylium YY
Rib 6x66x6

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