Jacque Snellenberger


Jacque Snellenberger comes from champion stock – her father George Snellenberger is a Hall of Famer. That’s how Jacque got into shooting trap in the first place. As she tells it, “Mom and Dad were trapshooters, so I was always around it. My parents had told me that when I was 15, I could start if I wanted. They were worried about putting me under too much pressure, since they were both top notch shooters. But when I turned 15, I asked, and haven’t stopped since.”

Jacque has had a terrific career so far – she has won Central Zone Singles Championship, Vandalia Handicap Champion at the Grand, and is a NorthEast Grand American Handicap Champion. She would love to end up in the Hall of Fame with her dad. In the meantime, she’s burning up the circuit with her Beretta DT10 Combo.

Jacque also has one of the most honorable jobs around – she’s a 5th grade teacher in Michigan. She also loves ballroom dancing, playing volleyball, and Texas Hold’em. We don’t know how she has the energy, but we’re glad she’s Team Beretta!