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APX Centurion

The APX Centurion pistol extends the proven APX Series to a mid-size duty or concealed carry size.

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Action Striker-firedStriker-fired
Barrel length (mm) 9494
Barrel length (in) 3.73.7
Caliber .40 S&W9X19
Historical NN
Magazine 13,1015,10
Overall height (mm) 132132
Overall height (in) 5.195.19
Overall length (mm) 177177
Overall length (in) 6.976.97
Overall width (mm) 3333
Overall width (in) 1.301.30
Safety Striker deactivation button, firing pin block safety, trigger safety.Striker deactivation button, firing pin block safety, trigger safety.
SightRadiusIN 5.75.7
SightRadiusMM 145145
Sights Removable front and rear sightsRemovable front and rear sights
Weight unloaded (g) 785765
Weight unloaded (OZ) 27.727
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APX Centurion

The APX Centurion pistol extends the proven APX Series to a mid-size duty or concealed carry size. It features a 15+1 (9mm) or 13+1 (.40 S&W) flush fit magazine that it shares with the Full size variant.
As with all APX pistols, the APX Centurion has been designed specifically for military and law enforcement users who have a need for a smaller pistol with similar handling characteristics to their duty pistols.
The APX Centurion features an end user removable serialized chassis and can be easily
modified with replaceable grip frame housings.
Controllability and ergonomics are an APX focus: Low bore axis, ambidextrous slide catch, reversible magazine release, aggressive slide serrations, and a trigger that breaks at 6 lbs with a clear tactile and audible short reset.

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5 out of 5

APX Centurion


After many weeks of doing research and watching reviews my biggest decision was should I get an APX full or a Centurion... I got the Centurion in case I want to carry. I later bought 17 round magazines for home defense. Wow it feels great. I'm very impressed with this firearm. Very well built, is like a tank. I have feed it every ammo I have been able to find, even metal casings. Not an issue. It's accurate, low recoil, it's a lot of fun. You will not be disappointed. It's no coincidence it's built by the oldest manufacturer in the world. I might just have to get another one....


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2 out of 5

Buy something else, trust me. Silk will scratch it.


I bought this because it was the only 9mm besides a hi-point. It was the display model and had a few scratches on the slide. Dunham's wouldn't drop the price from $550 (it's under $400 everywhere). But I ran 15 shots through it and the OEM sights are WAY off. There are VERY LITTLE aftermarket accessories for it, I have to have a custom holster made. The tritium sights Beretta sells apparently break when a gunsmith tries to install them 90% of the time and the tritium doesn't glow when purchased, pretty sad as it should last 10yrs. I contacted Beretta about the scratches and they said to send the gun to them. I asked how long it would take to get it back and they said it will be 8 wks to get looked at, and 6-8 wks to refinish the nitride. So 14 to 16 wks to fix scratches that were on it, no clue of the cost (more than the gun cost I'm sure). So I purchased a Glock and a S&W . My 15tr old son can have this one. I thought Beretta was good. NOPE. I'd be better off with the hi-point.