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Beretta A300 Ultima Black Synthetic

The Beretta A300 Ultima is the newest addition to the reliable A300 shotgun series and features a larger bolt handle and bolt release for easy ... Read More

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Model Code
Model Name
Barrel Length
A300 Ultima Black Synthetic
$ 869.00
A300 Ultima Black Synthetic
$ 869.00
Gauge 12/20
Barrel length (cm) 71
Barrel length (in) 28
Chamber (mm) 76
Chamber (in) 3
Choke MC
Historical N
Rib 7x7
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Beretta A300 Ultima Black Synthetic

The Beretta A300 Ultima is the latest in the reliable A300 series of shotguns. This new line will be available in both 12 and 20 gauge configurations with all new standard features and updated aesthetics that bring an attractive modern Beretta look to the A300 series. Maintaining the base operating system of the A300 series, the new Ultima line features enhanced user interfaces and recoil reduction technology that allows for Beretta to confidently state that the A300 Ultima is the best shotgun in its class. The new A300 Ultima Black Synthetic stock adds a soft touch comb and included Kick-Off recoil reduction technology, which allows for recoil mitigation never before seen at this price point.

A300 Ultima

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Magazine Capacity change requires a qualified gunsmith???

A300 Ultima magazine capacity is engineered so only a qualified gunsmith can change it...?!? The Ultima magazine capacity assembly has been redesigned so that a plastic disc holds a very small spring that operates the metal detent pin into the metal magazine tube...however, the tolerance of the parts are such that the metal detent easily becomes misaligned within the plastic disc's hole and the very small spring within the plastic disc does not have the strength to get the metal detent realigned properly. This mechanism is installed at the Gallatin, TN factory and is not designed for the gun owner to change if needed. Since when does Beretta decide that the user can't be trusted to change the magazine capacity...?!? Beretta should have kept the magazine capacity assembly from the A390/391 series...that assembly was 100% bombproof...and was easy to change by the user if needed.

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Extremely low recoil

I have severe back and neck pain on a constant basis so finding a low recoil shotgun was very important to me. This shotgun is a dream come true plus I can shoot it either right or left handed.