Your inner layer is your first defence.

BZero is the new line of Beretta technical underwear, able to get rid of up to 95% of odours and provide your skin with an extra level of warmth. We have named it BZERO because it allows the prey to detect ‘zero’ odour from you and because it reduces the unpleasant effects of body perspiration to zero.

In order to achieve this result, the Beretta Clothing Development Centre has succeeded in the revolutionary combining of two technologies: Deocell® and WarmUP, based on body mapping logic.



Deocell® is a cellulose-based natural fibre that does not just cover odors or prevent their development via antibacterial operations, but neutralizes them. Deocell® gets rid of ammonia, acetic acid and trimethylamine compounds by breaking their chemical bonds. Deocell® eliminates odours instantaneously. Deocell® is delicate on skin, does not alter its natural pH and does not emit harmful substances. Deocell® maintains its odor-erasing properties for the entire life of the garment, wash after wash, without requiring any special treatment.







WarmUP is a fiber able to produce heat naturally: it absorbs perspiration, transforming it into heat and eliminating excess moisture. The body stays warm and in perfect thermal balance. Great humidity absorption capability allows WARMUP to quickly capture a high percentage of skin perspiration. Thanks to its sustained temperature preservation capabilities, WarmUP maintains the heat captured from natural perspiration longer and more effectively than other fibers. Due to its excellent moisture dispersion capabilities, WarmUP dries 3 times faster than cotton, thus ensuring your skin remains comfortably warm.


BZERO comes in 6 different unisex models, available in green and black with an extremely wide range of sizes.