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Good Choice

I got one when Picos first came out. Very happy with mine & bought another one in 2018. These are the most concealable & comfortable guns I carry & have true DAO triggers which I prefer. No need for a safety, plus I get restrike capability. Super reliable. They run everything I feed them. You notice the quality when you field strip them & look over the parts. Solid & precise.

5 out of 5

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Very concealable, but takes significant practice

Iraq and Afghanistan Army vet, Expert Marine Combat Pistol Course with the M9 (Beretta 92FS). I wear my shirts shmedium, and tucked, and didn't want to dress around my gun. This was bought as a church and movie gun. This is the easiest to conceal and it was bought purely for that. I have two. Both have the LaserMax integrated grip I bought on beretta.com. I find the Recluseholster.com front pocket holster excellent and prints like a wallet. One is also outfitted with universal clipdraw.com for appendix carry. I applied Talon gun grips, since it kicks like a mule. Most people I take to the range for the first time put the second round into the dirt. Despite the fact I can't miss with my M9, there was minimal carryover to the Pico. It took me hours of training with the iTarget pro app system and 500 rounds to become proficient. Hornady Critical Defense will not jam and is excellent. For FMJ, Winchester jams, Remington jams less. Please reply if you have a FMJ that doesn't jam!

5 out of 5

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An excellent choice for EDC

Pros; Very Small, reliable, accurate with a long heavy trigger pull. Cons; long heavy trigger pull? How can this be both a pro and a con? Con; To the inexperienced shooter it will take some getting use to and your accuracy may suffer. Pros; It will improve the trigger control and accuracy on all your other firearms. Plus having this type of trigger on a concealed carry weapon with no manual safety while carrying one in the chamber makes perfect sense. You will always find a way to carry the Pico no matter what you are wearing. I have several other excellent Berettas and this is no exception. I can highly recommend this firearm.

5 out of 5

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Good Enough

I got this for the super slim and compact profile. Threw on the night sights and lasermax laser chassis along with some talon grips. It's perfect for anything <5yds and has the comfort of a DAO trigger. I don't like to dress around my firearm and this is perfect for that. Outside a few F2F early on, it's been damn reliable. I also got mine at a steal of less than $200. It takes a lot of practice to get used to the tiny grips and trigger but otherwise I'd recommend it for something super small. I don't mind the paddle-style release since I don't plan on doing any speed reloads in the field. I love that it has a slide lock. My only advice is, don't treat it like a go-to-war gun or a Glock. It's a gut-gun and nothing more.

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5 out of 5

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This is one where Hickok45 got it all wrong.

I have three Pico's. Hickok45 did this great little gun a BIG disservice in his video. He handled it like it was SOOOO much different than his Kahr P380 grunting and groaning to get a round in. Please. I don't have Governor Cuomo hands like Hickok45 and have no problem with the Pico and I'm almost 70. Most accurate and reliable pocket pistol I have ever shot. Either Hickok needs to reevaluate his awful review of a great little gun or stop reviewing guns that doesn't fit his Andrew Cuomo sized mitts and ego. I love it and rely on it for my and my families life daily. Beretta you've got a winner and Hickok45 did you wrong.

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5 out of 5

Love the look and feel but the slide is very hard to pull back. Bought it for my daughter she can’t pull the slide to chamber. She is right, I can but with difficulty.

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5 out of 5
Great Pistol

I have the first Pico. I have kept it stock although if I wanted, it could be upgraded free by Beretta to a softer spring. I have a minor case of arthritis and so it is hard to rack because it is so thin and because of the strong spring. I practiced with it for a couple weeks to build up my hand strength and can now rack it by grasping the whole slide. Sometimes I let the chambered round drop through the magazine compartment. The magazine ejects quickly. I use the edge of my thumbnail and it took some practice. You can also very easily eject the magazine by using your index finger and thumb. It shoots so smoothly. It is very dependable. Never even a stove pipe. I have not used steel ammo in it. Like the directions advise, do not dry fire it. Use snap caps. I love this pistol!

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5 out of 5
I’m happy with my Pico

I’ve been carrying my Pico for a couple of years now. I like how light weight and comfortable it is to conceal. I’ve got a number of other pistols and revolvers that I can choose from but I find the Pico is always my first choice. If the situation calls for a larger caliber, I still carry the Pico for back up. I find the APX Carry is concealable but it is substantially heavier. My full size .40 cal PX4 is my “briefcase and nightstand gun”.

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