Px4 Storm Inox


PX4 Storm Inox Double/Single-Action Semiauto

The NATO-certified Beretta Px4 Storm Inox double/single-action semiauto is the culmination Beretta’s experience in engineering pistols for military and law enforcement.


Absolute durability, reliability, ergonomics and interchangeability of parts have made it the choice of military and police professionals around the world. Its ease of use, safety of operation and sleek lines are also causing it to be a favorite for self- and home defense as well as for concealed carry. Apart from the winning features of the PX4 line, the Inox offers you an attractive and durable stainless slide contrasting with the black frame.

Flip-up-manual-safetySuper-Durable and Safe

Designed to meet the most stringent military standards of durability, the PX4 has been reported to fire well over 150,000 rounds with zero part breakages. Besides the essential simplicity of its design (fewer parts=fewer and more solid components bearing stress), the proprietary steel we use for this pistol was developed to be impossibly tough. Its safety system is also ultra-reliable, giving you automatic firing pin block as well as a flip-up ambidextous manual safety for extra peace of mind. All this is why a growing number of military and law-enforcement groups around the world are choosing it and using it in every environment imaginable--the PX4 just keeps delivering.

Soft-Shooting, Strong and Easy to MaintainEasy-to-Maintain

This pistol features a cold-hammer forged, rotary barrel encased in an ultra-tough slide machined out of solid bar stock. Besides being one of the strongest actions available, the rotary barrel dissipates recoil away from the shooter’s hand and greatly reduces muzzle jump, making it an extremely fast, accurate and pleasant-shooting handgun. After a long day at the range, the disassembly device is designed to allow the pistol to be field stripped very quickly and easily and to avoid casual or involuntary disassembly. Re-assembly is even easier, with the slide locking automatically when it travels past the rear section of the frame.

loaded-with-featuresPerfect for Concealed Carry and Loaded with Features

The lines of the pistol are snag-free and make unholstering and reholstering easy and fluid, while the trigger guard is also rounded to facilitate the correct position of the supporting hand. In front of the trigger guard there is a Picatinny rail integral to the frame, allowing the easy mounting of laser devices, light systems or other types of accessories. The pistol may be adapted to different hand sizes and shooting styles thanks to a modular design with interchangeable backstraps. Also, the ambidextrous and reversible controls offer the possibility of easily training or shooting with either hand.

Whether it is for official military and law-enforcement use, for home defense and concealed carry or as an accurate and high-quality pistol for recreational shooting, the PX4 Storm is one piece of gear that will never let you down. Also available in standard version, as well as in compact and subcompact configurations.


Model Code Model MSRP Action Caliber Rounds
JXF4F50FC Px4 Storm Type F Full Size Inox USD 700.00 Dbl/Sngl .40 S&W 10 Rounds
JXF4F50 Px4 Storm Type F Full Size Inox USD 700.00 Dbl/Sngl .40 S&W 10 Rounds
JXF4F51 Px4 Storm Type F Full Size Inox USD 700.00 Dbl/Sngl .40 S&W 14 Rounds
JXF9F50FC Px4 Storm Type F Full Size Inox USD 700.00 Dbl/Sngl 9 mm 10 Rounds
JXF9F50 Px4 Storm Type F Full Size Inox USD 700.00 Dbl/Sngl 9 mm 10 Rounds
JXF9F51 Px4 Storm Type F Full Size Inox USD 700.00 Dbl/Sngl 9 mm 17 Rounds
Action Single/DoubleSingle/DoubleSingle/Double
Barrel length (mm) 102102102
Barrel length (in) 444
Caliber .40 S&W9x19 (PARA)9x21 IMI
Magazine 141714
Overall height (mm) 140140140
Overall height (in) 5.515.515.51
Overall length (mm) 192192192
Overall length (in) 7.557.557.55
Overall width (mm) 363636
Overall width (in) 1.421.421.42
Sight radius (in) 5.755.755.75
Sight radius (mm) 146146146
Weight unloaded (g) 785785785
Weight unloaded (OZ) 27.727.727.7

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1. Automatic Firing Pin Block

The PX4 gives you an extra level of safety while in the holster or not in use--the firing pin is blocked automatically to prevent any type of accidental firing.

2. Commander-Style Hammer

Besides being a custom-looking touch, the Commander-style hammer is lighter; hammer-fall during firing is therefore crisper and will not disrupt your aim.

3. Drop-Free Magazine

Tactical magazine-exchanges on the PX4 are easy and lightning-fast. When you operate the magazine-release, the magazine falls free and does not require the use of the off-hand.

4. Interchangeable Backstraps

The interchangeable backstraps will make the PX4 grip fit ergonomically most hand-sizes and shooting styles.

5. Reversible Magazine Release

Most controls on the PX4 are reversible or ambidextrous, making it possible to train or shoot right- or left-handed.

6. Stainless Steel Slide

The slide on the PX4 Storm Inox is in stainless steel, giving you added resistance to the elements as well as an elegant, custom-looking contrast with the rest of the pistol.

7. 3-Dot Sight System

8. Picatinny Rail

The built-in Picatinny rail makes it easy to complement the PX4 with a variety of tactical accessories such as lighting devices, with no gunsmithing required.

9. Ambidextrous Safety

Easily train or shoot with either hand, thanks to the ambidextrous/reversible nature of most controls.

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