Over and Under Competition Shotguns


Here’s a look at the best Beretta over and under shotguns!


Why do Olympic medalists, world and national champions and competitive shooters all around the world choose to shoot Beretta?

  • History : Five hundred years of craftsmanship and tradition go into every shotgun Beretta builds. Nowhere is this more evident than in their celebrated over-andunders, shotguns many consider the strongest and most reliable in the world. A Beretta over-and-under can rightly be considered an heirloom and inspires a fi erce and loyal following.
Whatever your need in over and under competition shotguns is, there is a Beretta Shotguns covering this perfectly!


Dt11 Black PRO












  • Receiver : The walls of a Beretta receiver are more than twice as thick as many of its competitors, (in fact it is also the platform for double rifl es, which create much greater pressures than experienced in any shotgun). Using easily replaceable hinge pins and locking lugs, any receiver can be completely rebuilt allowing the gun to be refurbished for another lifetime of reliable service.
  • Barrels: For more than fi ve centuries, Beretta has made the best barrels in the world. Today, their overand-under barrel starts life as a unique proprietary blend of steel, chromium and molybdenum. Forged in Northern Italy and France, all Beretta barrels are deephole drilled, cold-hammer forged, and chrome lined, allowing for more concentric tubes. The result: a thinner, lighter, more precise barrel wall. This superior barrel construction delivers better weight distribution and an optimum balance point just above the hinge pin, which gives it perfect swing characteristics.
  • Optima-Bore and Optima-Choke: All Beretta competition shotguns feature back-bored barrels, which greatly reduce felt recoil. The Optima-Choke competition choke tubes are longer and slimmer, with an internal profile formed to enhance the concentration and distribution of the shot pattern. The bottom line is increased comfort, less fatigue and more broken targets.