img_biggameSince the very first day you took to the mountains or the plains to test yourself against the cunning of the world’s most sought after game, you’ve waited for this very instant. Both you and your prey are frozen in time. You’ve tracked this trophy, not just for hours or days, but since the very first time your father or your grandfather initiated you into the brotherhood of the hunt. With the prize squarely in your scope, you squeeze and put your faith in the hands of your rifle.

For the Big Game Hunter, nothing is more important than accuracy and reliability. No one understands that better than Beretta. Every rifle leaving the factory must be capable of grouping within one inch at a hundred yards -period. Sako and Tikka rifles are not just a benchmark in the industry, they have proudly helped defi ne hunting tradition.

Along with Big Game Hunting apparel and accessories, tested time and again by professional guides and hunters, these are the tools that define your heritage.