img_westernThe cowboy mystique lives on. From the prairies of Nebraska to the deserts of New Mexico, it runs through the veins of those who treasure tradition and revel in glories past. The spin of the cylinder, the glint of the nickel barrel, the sheer thrill of breaking open a six-shooter or the adrenaline rush of firing a fast handling, lever-action rifle. There’s nothing that quite compares to that exhilaration. But more than anywhere else, the heritage of the Old West runs deep in the heart of the Western Shooter. And finds its fulfillment in that moment when you test yourself, using those classic fi rearms that defined a fabled era, against the legends of the American frontier.

Authenticity and performance is what matters above everything else to the Western Shooter. This is why you’ll find an extraordinary combination of both in Beretta’s lineup of Old West fi rearms. These fine firearms are for the Western Shooter who demands absolute truthfulness to the 19th century originals as far as dimensions, feel and functioning, coupled with Beretta-style reliability, safety and performance.