img_uplandWhether it’s aspens and alders that hide the darting flight of woodcock and grouse – or the open grass plains of pheasant and quail – you are in your element. The crisp fall morning air heightens your senses as the sun warms your face. You once again marvel at the gracefulness of your trusty German Shorthair at rock-solid point. It is a scene you’ve both played out many times before.

Yet it feels as fresh and exhilarating as the first time you swung your shotgun towards the skies. No matter the day’s result, this is reward enough. These moments are what bring you back season after season.

A respect for nature, harmony, and heritage are the hallmarks of the Beretta Upland sportsman. Hallmarks that are reflected in Beretta’s superb collection of fine shotguns perfectly suited for their purpose in the field, superior upland apparel designed to meet the challenges of nature, and accessories that perfectly complement your passion and pursuit.