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APX A1 Tactical

Die APX A1 Full Size Tactical wurde von Spezialeinsätzen inspiriert und für diese entwickelt. Sie verfügt über technische Details für diejenigen, die maximale Leistung in ihrer Pistole suchen. Sie wurde entwickelt, um die Bedürfnisse von Sport- und Verteidigungsschützen zu erfüllen.

Eine exklusive Serie

Just looking at it in the hand becomes a pleasure. At first glance, the threaded barrel with ½ - 28 pitch covered by the thread cover ring, the high, black, knurled anti-reflective sights, but, above all, the double black-green (olive drab) colouring that makes this pistol tremendously attractive.

But aesthetics are nothing if not supported by the great technology that Beretta knows how to express: the ergonomics dictated by the raised Trigger Undercut, combined with the modularity of the 3 Picatinny Rail slots and the provision for mounting Red Dot optics, make the APX A1 Tactical a beacon in its segment.

For safety, there is a trigger safety, firing pin safety and an open bolt safety. The weapon, which is classified as sporting, comes on the market in 9x19 calibre and has a 19-round magazine capacity.

These are its characteristics:
Barrel length: 121 mm (108 for APX A1 Full Size)
Barrel length: 208 mm (192)
Overall height: 157 mm (142)
Total thickness 33 mm (33)
Weight: 840 gr (820)
APX A1 Tactical

Technisches Datenblatt


Magazine Capacity:


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