Fitav Summer Camps2014


Fitav Summer Camps:  31 Luglio - 14 Agosto 2014 Tav Umbriaverde "Per un'estate da campione"





Patronage of the Italian Clay Target Shooting Federation


Fitav Summer Camps are dedicated to shooting and are open to boys and girls from 12 to 20 for TRAP,DOUBLE TRAP AND SKEET. They will be hold at TAV UMBRIA VERDE in Sant’Arnaldo di Massa Martana (PG).

Summer Camps are divided in two meetings of 7 days each. The first meeting will take place from 31st July to 7th of August; the second one from 7th to 14th of August.

Each meeting will be organised according to shooters ability level: beginners; intermediate; advanced. Level will be shown by the candidate according to modules provided at the moment of enlistment.

Participants will be received to the center within 15:00 of the first day. At that time participants will check in, receive the “Fitav Summer Camps Kit” and located within the accommodation. At 19:00 participants will gather together for the opening ceremony in which staff and detailed activity program will be presented.

The learning activity process is scheduled in three phases:

Technical-tactical :

training is focused in searching and developing the correct body position on the shooting platform, improving the shooting technique, defining the best competitive tactics according to on field exercises and best ISSF coaches methodology. Theorical lessons will be hold too with video analisis support and discussion of the shooting sessions and trouble shooting;

Athletic :

training and exercises to improve fisical responses according to the shooter natural body fisiology. Athletic ability is paramount during competition to improve recovery time in between shooting series;

Mental :

exercises to improve concentration skills on the platform and managing pressure during competition. The focus is on the mental attitude before, during and after performance which allows a shooter to execute at best. While training, shooters will develop shooting routines to be applied to the technical execution. Mental approach is extremely important since shooters usually live shooting experiences with anxiety due to focus on results. With correct mental focus, shooters can live shooting and competition as a positive, rewarding, challenging experience;

All camp activities will be supervised by Diego GASPERINI, “A” level, ISSF international coach, supported by two “C” level ISSF international coaches; Italian Shooting Federation instructors; fisical trainers; 1 mental coach.

On the site, a professional stock maker will be available. He will work on butt tailor making and adjusting upon previous booking. The costs for stock maker professional work and advise will have to be discussed and agreed with him.

Participants will live relaxed and enjoyable moments through activities organised by specialised personnel. Furthermore, accomodation is provided with swimming pool, spa, gym, game room with snooker, ping pong table and play station.

As for recreative activities, partecipants will be involved in soccer, gymnastic, swimming and athletics. All mentioned activities will be hold within the accomodation site.

Fitav Summer Camps will be a chance to visit and enjoy the landscape and local art through excursions in Umbria most interesting turistic sites. Moreover Participants will have the chance to learn or improve English language with a beginner course and a first level Italian language mini course for foreign participants.

At the end of each meeting a final contest will be hold with following winners prize ceremony.

At the end of the meeting there will be a closing ceremony during which all participants will be awarded Fitav Summer Camps participation certificates and the most valuable shooters will be prized. Parents are welcome both on the opening and closing ceremony.