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DT11 Black EELL

The use of carbon fibre in the world of technology guarantees significant benefits in terms of being lightweight, having the ability to absorb stress, maintain its shape, having high mechanical resilience, offering thermal insulation, and being resistant to variations in temperature and the effects of chemical agents.

It was with these factors in mind that Beretta developed the Super Deluxe version of the DT11 Black Edition, taking the use of carbon fibre to levels never previously achieved.

An Exclusive Series

The DT11 Black Edition EELL is well equipped:

  • Case made of ABS

  • B-Fast weights kit (for barrels, muzzle and stock)

  • Set of interchangeable beads, red and white

  • Pair of snap caps

  • Stock disassembly tool

  • Set of 5 choke tubes with tool - for the sporting version only.

  • Soft barrel and stock sleeves

  • Two Beretta stickers, one of which is for the barrels

This Beretta DT11 Black Edition EELL over-under shotgun, in addition to the top rib, the trigger guard and battery also includes a trigger plate as well as two innovative long carbon fibre sideplates, where the engravings make way for the classic twill pattern.
The black receiver of the DT11 Black Edition EELL, with its 43mm width, also ensures enhanced stability during your swing and includes a locking system with the unmistakable trapezoidal lockings houlders and longitudinal bolt.

The removable carbon fibre trigger group of the DT11 Black Edition EELL can be quickly disassembled and replaced between two sessions if necessary.

The trigger is adjustable and can be repositioned by up to 9mm, thus always allowing the shooter to find the perfect position for their finger.

The laminated steel springs ensure an accurate and immediate trigger pull every time.
The barrels' matt finish ensures there is no glare and helps you concentrate solely on the clay pigeon, without any unexpected distractions.

The DT11 Black Edition EELL also offers the B-Fast Barrel Balancing System, a muzzle weights system in addition to those which can be positioned underneath the forend, designed and tested in collaboration with champion shooters from the Beretta Team to guarantee superior shooting performance.

DT11 Black EELL

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