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Beretta Rib Weights For DT11/692 Black Edition

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SKU: E01068
Rib weights set for beretta DT11 and 692 Black Edition shotguns, comes with dedicated box
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Beretta Authentic Accessories

Set of 2 barrel weights for Beretta DT11/692 Black Edition shotguns, to achieve perfect handling.

The shooter can opt to mount just 1 weight (15g / 0.5oz), or both of them.


  • 2 x barrel weights, each one weighting 15g (0.5oz);
  • Dedicated box for transportation and storage.

The item will fit:

  • DT11 Black Edition
  • 692 Black Edition
  • DT11 Black PRO

The 2 weights can be attached to the ventilated barrels ribs using a sturdy and functional clamp locking mechanism (no tools required). For maximum customization, the weights can be easily repositioned in every position among the rib windows.

  • The weights set comes as a part of the standard accessories equipment of the DT11 Black PRO O/U shotgun.
  • The weights system requires the ventilated barrels rib, therefore it will NOT fit a skeet shotgun.

UPC: 082442901541

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