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PRO Lifter: 1301 Tactical & A300

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SKU: C7C940
Pro lifter for semiauto shotguns with 3" chamber, 12 gauge.
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Unprecedented speed and ease of loading thanks to this lifter derived from the world of competition that remains in the "raised" position when the bolt is closed, allowing you to insert new shells into the magazine much faster, either individually or in dual/quad load mode, and eliminating the risk of thumb bite.

This is the short version of the lifter introduced with the 1301 Comp PRO which maintains all the functions and makes them available for all shotguns that have a shorter lifter as standard.


All Beretta semiautomatic shotguns with lifter for 3"/76MM shells in 12 gauge that are equipped as standard with item #C5D552 (or the corresponding trigger group #C8A275 or #C89785), such as:

  • 1301 Tactical
  • A400 Upland
  • A400 Xcel
  • A400 Xplor
  • A400 Lite
  • A300 Outlander

UPC: 082442942063

Warning_Image Warning: Not compatible for 1301 Comp and 1301 Comp PRO shotguns with 3.5" lifters, for these the corresponding item is #C7C121

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