691 Vittoria

The new Vittoria series is the first Beretta’s shotgun range specifically designed for women.
Developed with our champion lady-shooters for all the women who want to shoot like a star. Based on the 690 platform, Vittoria shotguns feature a dedicated ergonomics to ensure a smooth, comfortable and precise handling.
Vittoria shotguns perfectly fit smaller frames while offering full-size performance.
BarrelLengthCM 66/71/76cm 66/71/76cm
BarrelLengthIN 26/28/30"26/28/30"
BarrelType Optima Bore HP Optima Bore HP
ChamberMM 7676
ChamberIN 3"3"
Checkering Fine 1mmFine 1mm
FinishingEngraving Floral Renaissance Style Floral Renaissance Style
ForeEnd RoundedRounded
Gauge 1220
Historical NN
LengthOfPull 355mm 355mm
Lylium YY
RecoilPad Microcore 15mmMicrocore 15mm
Stock Pistol (Dedicated Pistol Grip) with Semi-Montecarlo 35/45/55mm Drop Pistol (Dedicated Pistol Grip) with Semi-Montecarlo 35/45/55mm Drop
StockDropComb 35/45/5535/45/55
Trigger Single selectiveSingle selective
WeightUnloadedG 28002800

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