92 Compact

Designated M9 by the U.S. armed forces and known simply as the 92 around the globe, the NATO-certified Beretta 92FS is one of the most iconic military pistols in the world.

With outstanding accuracy and reliability, the time-tested and battle-hardy 92FS is simply The World Defender. 
The new 92 Compact takes some of the best features of the 92/M9 family and scales them down to be more compact and concealable.
Action Single/DoubleSingle/Double
BarrelLengthMM 108125
Lauflänge in Zoll 4.254.9
Caliber 9 mm9x19 (PARA)
Magazine 1315
OverallHeightMM 133137
OverallHeightIN 5.255.4
OverallLengthMM 197217
OverallLengthIN 7.758.5
OverallWidthMM 3838
OverallWidthIN 1.51.5
SightRadiusIN 5.756.1
SightRadiusMM 146155
Gewicht in Gramm (ungeladen) 802945
Gewicht in Unzen (ungeladen) 31.633.3


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