B1 Signature


Functionality Meets Style

Transport, protect, have everything at hand, stand out. Sequel to the glorious B1 accoutrements line, the new B1 combines these functions perfectly and is set to become the icon of the Beretta accessories range.

The line is divided into two groups: B1 Signature, dedicated to transporting firearms and ammunition and B1 Travel, specially designed for travelling.

B1 Signature

IM_2013_031_0221B1 SIGNATURE: as its name suggests, is the line of belts, linings and bullet belts on which we proudly place our signature, made using resistant and sought-after fabric with an opaque finish, wonderful leather and antiqued brass hooks. Extremely refined design featuring clean lines fitted to the firearm, highlighted by leather edging and distinguished by Beretta diamond quilting. Light weight and great attention to ergonomics with the perfect load balancing for ease of handling and transporting.
No compromise on protection and safety thanks to the accurate positioning of the openings, all fitted with a lockable double slider zip, and the memory-foam padding that snuggly encompasses and protects your firearm wherever you go.