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People, sustainability and innovations

Today we're happy to showcase a short video about our company, our people and values, that every day get translated into a number of projects supporting sustainability and innovation. This documentary is part of the 'Innovation & Disruption Leaders' series, distributed by CBS News and produced by TBD Media Group. Featured speakers include: our CEO and President Franco Gussalli Beretta, our GM and CEO Carlo Ferlito, VP Firearms Technologies and R&D Marco Bassoli, and Sustainability Manager Martina Stolfini.

Everyone at Beretta will tell it’s about the passion of the people. Beretta represents a strong bond with their territory and their family history, a pride, and a way to export their expertise worldwide. Empowering these people to develop new skills and a new mindset and to be free to innovate is a key success factor that got Beretta where it is today.